Our approach to digitise the plantations

The key to our innovation lies in creating a technology that learns directly from humans, making it intuitive for even those without technical expertise.

The agricultural industry is a cornerstone of economies worldwide. However, its digitisation has lagged behind, primarily due to a lack of technology literacy among the workers in this sector. As we venture into the age of smart farming and precision agriculture, it becomes evident that addressing this issue is essential to unlock the full potential of agriculture.
Agriculture has the potential to benefit greatly from technological advancements such as automation, data analytics, and precision farming, but these opportunities remain largely unexplored due to the digital divide.


Task Allocation

Streamline your day, allocate tasks the easy way. Elevate your plantation operations effortlessly.

Performance Dashboards

Gain real-time insights with our performance dashboards. Your shortcut to informed decisions and a more productive plantation.

Monthly Operation Plan

Our monthly operation plan lets you align tasks with your budget, maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs for a flourishing plantation.

Harvest Cycles

Configure personalized harvesting cycles, and let timely notifications ensure you never miss a crucial moment with our harvesting cycles feature

Success Stories

Bhathiya Bulumulla
Bhathiya Bulumulla
Executive Director,
Aitken Spence Plantation Managements PLC.
For the past decade, we have been looking for a way to transform the traditional method followed on our plantations into an IT system. The iHarvest system developed by Itechro has made this transformation dream a reality.
Vish Govindasamy
Vish Govindasamy
Group Managing Director,
Sunshine Holdings PLC.
People of Itechro have been very helpful and making sure even the most digitally unused person is today being able to use the product very seamlessly.

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