Strategic engagement with Vultus AG in Sweden to bring precision farming by enriching its iHarvest platform.

By Itechro
February 19, 2021

Itechro Private Limited ( announced the strategic engagement with Vultus AG headquartered in Sweden to take the plantation digitalization journey the company started in 2018 to the next level. Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Vultus AG Sweden to bring precision farming by enriching its plantation digitization platform.

Vultus, is a leading company focusing on precision farming tools using satellite data operating from Sweden has led success stories on short-term crops supporting farmers across the globe.

Itechro with it’s iHarvest Plantation product is partnering to bring this technology to Long Term Crops specifically Tea, Rubber and Oil Palm as a first phase. Leadership of both company’s together with the supporting industry participation groups look forward to bringing direct benefits to plantations P&L whilst increasing sustainability of farming.

Companies will conduct further refinements to its algorithms to optimize fertilizer use and increase crop yields. Early estimations and empirical evidence show promising results. Both teams trust that this will immensely help the Sri Lankan plantation industry which is under cost pressure.

Chamara Jayaweera, Director of Itechro Private Limited said,

“We are committed to make a significant contribution towards the growth of the plantation sector as a company and this is another major stride in that journey. Following our successful Field Operations Digitalization platform roll-out in leading Tea, Rubber and Oil Palm it is our focus to support their business problems to grow top line and improve the bottom line. We believe our partnership with Vultus allows us to bring the specialist knowledge and expertise from east and west to connect in solving problems in the sector.”

He thanked Vultus team, itechro team and industry partners to reach this milestone. Both companies are looking forward to taking the platform global and providing the benefits to Tea, Rubber and Oil Palm plantations.

Itechro team is positive that they will make this a solution available to the whole industry and encourages all plantation companies, small holders and authorities to join hands in this endeavour to reap the benefits.

Robert Schmitt, CEO of Vultus AG said,

“We are very excited about this collaboration with Itechro, which will demonstrate the potential to use our satellite technologies to improve the production of Tea, Rubber, and Oil Palm. We think this has the potential to improve yields and reduce costs for growers and that we can bring significant value to Itechro and its customers. We are excited to see new use cases for our technology, and think this is the first step in a hopefully long and fruitful relationship.”