Learning work management system aimed at providing an online environment for course interactions. CMS software allows instructors to manage materials distribution, assignments, communications and other aspects of instruction for their course


Traditional face to face course and management and had implications for course design that often go unnoticed by instructors


The primary challenge was managing the workload initially with a limited number of staffs in the team while getting familiar with the domain


Primarily online. Supporting the placement of course materials online, associating students with courses, storing student submissions and mediating communication between the students and as well as their instructors

Key Features

  • Flexible user management to allow role based authorization.
  • Dynamic course setup module with localization.
  • Audio and video lesson support with both live sessions and video streaming.
  • Submission of course work and smart workflow to track deadlines.
  • Comprehensive reporting module and dashboards.
  • Compliance assurance needed by Education Entities.